need 2 essay questions done that compliment previous work from units..will attach work

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1) For this essay assignment, your focus will be on the project plan that you began in Unit II. This assignment will consist of an essay that contains the following information:

  • the name of the project leader (i.e., your name),
  • the leadership traits that are necessary for leading the project,
  • the team members and their roles in the project,
  • the traits that make one a productive team member,
  • a brief explanation of the eight traits associated with being a successful project manager,
  • the five conditions that support the development of high-performing teams, and
  • a brief description of five strategies that can be used to manage dysfunctional conflict within project teams.

Your essay should consist of at least two pages and should include at least two references.

2) Thinking about your chosen project for this course, please respond to the prompts below.

  • Select at least two parts of your project that it would make sense to outsource. Explain why you chose these two parts.
  • Which parts of your project have the best chance of staying on schedule? Which parts are you concerned about keeping on schedule? How will you monitor the status of your project? How can you, as the project manager, ensure that the project stays on schedule?
  • In terms of your chosen project, describe the six wrap-up activities included in a project closure process.

Your essay should include an introduction, body, and conclusion and be at least two pages in length. Make certain to include at least one reference, which can be the textbook, and ensure that the reference is formatted in APA style.

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