NEC Penetration Testing Cyber Security Essay

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Written Assignment: My Personal PDCA Project: SMART goal

Submit an essay describing your SMART goal. Explain why you would choose this goal. Utilize the SMART goal format:

  • Specific – what professionally or personally do you want to improve in your life?
  • Measurable – can you describe it in numbers?
  • Achievable – seek % or goal that can be measured.
  • Relevant – determine if personal or professional.
  • Timebound – Choose a project that can be accomplished in 5 weeks!

Examples of SMART goals:

Professional examples:

  • For my professional career, I will increase my time to study for my PMP exam by 25% by May 28, 2023 (5-week deadline).
  • Speed and accuracy are important for me to be successful at my new job, I will improve my typing speed (wpm) by 50% reaching 100 wpm by August 7, 2023 (5-week deadline).

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