National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Website

Task 1- Research

  1. Go to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Website (Links to an external site.)
  2. Choose one industry/occupation from the list and review the sources of worker injury or illness for the one that industry/occupation.

Task 2-

Please answer the following in your post:

    1. Which industry/occupation did you choose?
    2. What are the injuries and/or illnesses that are of concern in that industry/occupation? Provide any relevant data, if applicable.
    3. What are specific recommendations for the industry to protect employees in that industry/occupation?
    4. Is there any other relevant or interesting information that is provided? If so, please share.
    5. Include at least 1 outside reference, cited in APA format. This reference needs to be cited both in-text and at the end of the post in a reference list. The website in Task 1 can be used as your 1 reference. Please make sure to cite it!

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