Module 5 Assignment 1

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For the first part of this assignment, you will begin to think about what type of resume would be most appropriate for you. It is important that you select the best resume format and type to showcase your work history and skills. Research resumes, especially focusing on chronological versus skills-based resumes, in order to determine what type of resume would be best for you. Take a moment to view the following site: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

After viewing the website you will be creating a Venn Diagram or chart comparing a chronological resume versus a functional resume. Think about which type are you going to create and why? Submit your diagram and explanation paragraph

Next for the second part of the assignment, based on the type of resume style you choose, what information will you need to include (references, work history, etc.)? Search online for articles discussing what a job seeker should, and should NOT put on a resume. For this part of the assignment, you are only being asked to submit a list of what information will be needed. Remember, think about your background, skills, and qualifications. What do you think is the critical information you should post on your resume? Submit both your Venn Diagram and completed resume information list

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