Module 4 Human Nature and Personality TheoriesResearch 4

PY3150: Module 4 Human Nature and Personality TheoriesResearch 4.1Psychoanalytic Theory: Sigmund Freud1Use the ITT Tech Virtual Library, the textbook, and the Wiley Media site resources to examine Freud’spsychoanalytic theory and address the following: What is the basic nature of personality, according to Freud? Briefly describe his theory ofpersonality structures, developmental stages, and defense mechanisms. Provide an instance of when you or someone you know used a defense mechanism. Identify a few major criticisms of Freud’s theories. The ITT Tech Virtual Library is a good source forarticles analyzing Freud’s theory. Why do you think Freud’s theories are still so popular with the public, despite the many problemspsychologists have with his ideas? Cite all sources used in the APA format, including at least three in-text citation from each source anda References page.Submission Requirements:Submit your work in a Microsoft Word document of the following specifications: Font: Arial, Size: 12 point Line Spacing: Double Length: 450 words Citation Style: APA. Refer to the sample APA title page given in the handout titled “APA Title PageFormat.”Evaluation Criteria:Your submission will be evaluated against the following criteria using the research rubric: Did you describe Freud’s theory of personality structures, developmental stages, and defensemechanisms? Did you provide a real-life instance of using a defense mechanism? Did you identify criticisms of Freud’s theory and explain its continued popularity?

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