MGT 4304 CSU Bringing Back Manufacturing Jobs to the US Essay

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Reflect on what you have learned in the first four units of this course and complete this three-part journal:

Part I: Production managers strive to employ their labor efficiently and to increase productivity. Are these the same concept, or are efficiency and productivity different? What is your experience with this? Describe in detail the ways they are the same or the ways they are different.

Part II: There is growing interest in bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. What do you think companies can do to bring back jobs (i.e., reshoring)? Information on reshoring can be found at the following web page:

Part III: Many product and service reviews are available online. Some are positive, and some are negative. Do you think they accurately represent the actual product quality? Do the reviews affect your purchase decisions? Why do you think consumers take the time to write them? Do you post online reviews?

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