MGT 422 Saudi Electronic University Emerging Trends in Business Ethics Questions

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12.1 Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this week’s activities, you will be able to:

Understand the difficulties of foreign business assignments.

Articulate what a cultural intelligence (CQ) level is.  

Explain why guidelines and policies for global business ethics are important.

  • Apply ethics understanding acquired over the length of the course to a real-life scenario.
  • Articulate whether Google was facing an ethical dilemma.
  • Understand ethical relativism and ethical absolutism.
  • 12.2 Action Required:
  • Watch the short video in the following link and answer the questions that follows:
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility

Google’s China Problem (and China’s Google Problem)

12.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):

If you were planning to do business in a culture that was opposite from your own on the cultural dimensions of “power distance” and “individualism/collectivism,” what challenges would you expect to face?  How would you prepare?  

12.4 Instructions

  • Answer the question in test your knowledge section.

Post your answer for the question in the discussion board using the discussion link below (Week 12: Interactive learning Discussion)

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