MGT 404 SEU Lincoln Hospital Third Party Intervention Case Study

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Read the case Lincoln Hospital: Third Party Intervention from book Organization Development and Change by Cummings. take notes on the diagnosis and intervention stages for this case and answer the following questions:

  • If you had been called by Lincoln’s president to help resolve the problems described in the case, how would you have carried out the contracting and diagnosis stages? (3 Marks)
  • What would you have done differently than what the OD consultant did? (3 Marks)
  • Do you think that the third-party intervention is an appropriate intervention in this case? Why? (3Marks)
  • What are some other OD interventions that can be appropriate in this case? Why? (3 Marks)
  • How effective was the third-party intervention? And Evaluate its impact. (3 Marks)

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