MGT 403 Saudi Electronic University Knowledge Management Paper

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Assignment Questions

Part 1. Answer in 700 Words.

Read chapter 5 from the book and use other sources to answer the following questions. (attached)

A) Discuss the concept of Community of Practice. Describe the key components of a community of practice.

B) Write a detailed note on:

I).Sociograms and Social network analysis. 

II). Knowledge Sharing Communities

C) Compare and contrast some different types of communities of practice. Describe how they would differ with respect to their goals. 

Part 2. Answer in 800 Words.

Read Chapter 7 and 9 from the book and answer the following questions. (Attached).

A) Discuss the following Knowledge management maturity models. 

I). Forrester group knowledge management maturity model.

II). Community of Practice Maturity model. 

B) What are the major steps involved in developing a KM strategy? What sorts of

information is needed in order to recommend a KM strategy to an organization. List the major categories of stakeholders who should be involved in the strategy formulation process.

References: More than 5 references (2 Marks).

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