MGMT 9030 Fitchburg State University Leadership and Culture Discussion

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Chapter 1. Use key terms and concepts from your readings text to discuss the video, cite where needed. Describe how the video affected your view of management and leadership.  

What should modern leadership look like? Entrepreneur and former Icelandic presidential candidate Halla Tómasdóttir thinks global leaders need to change their ways — or risk becoming irrelevant. In a conversation with curator Bryn Freedman, she shows how anybody can step up and make a difference, even if you don’t yet have power. “There’s a leader inside every single one of us,” she says, “and our most important work in life is to release that leader.”“

Chapter 1. 


Art & Science of Leadership
Edition: 7th
ISBN: 9780133546767
Author: Nahavandi

Publisher: Pearson

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