MGMT 415 Harvard University Mini Project Crisis Communication Plan Paper

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Submit a three-page (minimum 750 words) crisis communication plan outline. The plan can be for an organization of your choice. This is an outline for a crisis communication plan and not a crisis plan. (You will use this outline to complete a plan in Unit VII.) The plan outline should, at a minimum, include the following items:

The introduction should engage the reader in the crisis communication plan and clearly present a summary of the main points.

Explain the purpose, scope and goal of the plan.

Include assumptions or assumed situations, which is a result of assessing risk for your organization.

Define expected audiences—both internal and external.

Include a communication strategy.

Include a concept of operations for communications.

Discuss the human dynamics and communications aspects of the blame game and the resolution stages you plan to implement in your crisis communication plan.

Assign tasks to key leaders and staff.

Provide resource management details.

Include planned scripts, which can be placed in an appendix.

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