MGMT 3385 Saint Marys University Strategic Consulting Report Proposal

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Strategic Consulting Report Proposal:
The final assignment of the term will be a strategic consulting report of an organization
currently facing a human resource management issue. Working independently, you will
select an organization in either the public, private, or nonprofit sector, that you feel would
benefit from an HR audit. You cannot audit an organization that you have previous
experience with or one that will prove difficult collecting data for. If you are having trouble
deciding, Fortune’s Global 500 annual list of the world’s most profitable companies is a good
place to start.
For the proposal, you will write-up a one (1) page outline that summarizes: (a) the
organization that you have selected and supporting rationale; (b) the strategic human
resource management issue you wish to analyze; (c) preliminary decision alternatives; (d)
how you might go about implementing your intervention; (e) and any other information that
you wish to include 

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