MGMT 317 UCA Toys R Us Analysis Paper

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The purpose is to demonstrate a thorough investigation and understanding of a narrow topic of importance, most likely to a specific industry. Your writing may include the current problem and solution, basic concepts and motivations of business, key issues that impact business operations, analysis of advantage and disadvantage of the selected system, and so on.

14-15 pages , excluding cover pages, images, table of contents, references, and appendices (if any). I would expect a minimum of 15 reference sources from reliable journal, magazine, textbook, book, and websites. Citations should be formatted in accordance with the APA Style, edition 6th or the latest .

(( I choose Toys R Us as my topic, and my professor accepted it, and here is his response:

That will be a fine topic.

Someone has bought the brand and plans to bring it back as a premium retailer. You don’t necessarily need to mention this in your paper, but it does speak to how important it was during their bankruptcy to keep their name as a viable asset. ))

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