MGMT 2601 _ ESSAY Chapter Review/Literature Review ASSIGNMENT: To write a review of Chapter 10 from your open textbook p. 245-270. TEXT ATTACHED – PLEASE READ CHAPTER 10 FROM PAGE NUMBER 245 to 270

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MGMT 2601 _  ESSAY

Chapter Review/Literature Review

ASSIGNMENT:  To write a review of Chapter 10 from your open textbook p. 245-270.

TEXT ATTACHED – PLEASE READ CHAPTER 10 FROM PAGE NUMBER 245 to 270 then write an essay with the following requirements :

Dead line: Dec 3rd morning 11:am

GRADE COMPONENTS:                   Content and Organization:                    70%

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling:        30%

The essay must follow these guidelines: The review must be 4-5 pages long; typed in 12 point font; double spaced with regular margins on all sides; and have page numbers.  Attach a cover sheet that includes the title, your name, ID Number, course name and number, and the date.  Also add references page. Do NOT use extra headings and Do NOT use point form.

1.      Do not include more than 5 quotes from the textbook chapter.  This is to be your writing!   Include your textbook on your reference page.

2.      You must cite at least one outside source in the review.  The citation can either support or contrast the chapter but be sure to also provide your own thoughts. The outside source must be from CBU Library.

3.      Be sure to cite in the review using APA format which means you include the page number in parentheses, e.g. (Thill, p. 36) in the body of your paper/essay.  Use this format for citations you take from the chapter and other required source(s).

This is an outline for you to follow for this essay:

1.     In a chapter review, your essay is critiquing the work done by the author(s).  Tell me if you think this body of work would be helpful, as example to you for further academic study or others studying business communication.

2.     You could include a brief introduction to summarize the topic of the chapter and tell me how it relates to this course.  Also state the authors’ primary point/conclusions in the chapter.

3.     Main points:  Explain three or four major points and tell how the authors support each point – what evidence, sources, etc.  You can write separate paragraphs for each main point but remember the review is still another type of essay.

4.     Your Personal Evaluation:  What was most interesting?  What did you learn? Was the chapter well written?  What did the chapter not cover and perhaps should have included?  Is it relevant in today’s world – etc.  You may have your own ideas!

5.     Conclusion:  Did the authors accomplish their goal?  Would you recommend this Chapter?

ONLY submit in Microsoft Word.

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