MG T71 UCSD National Cranberry Cooperative Case Study

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Case Preparation

Prepare answers to the following guiding questions:

  • What are the problems facing Receiving Plant No. 1 (RP1)?

What industry trends are likely to affect cranberry processing and how?

  • What are the sources of variability to which NCC is subjected?

Develop a process flow diagram showing the capacities of the various stages in barrels per hour.

  • Suppose that a peak harvest-season day involves 18,000 barrels of berries, 70% of them wet, arriving over an 11 hour day.  Would trucks have to wait to unload?  When during the day would trucks be waiting?  How much truck waiting time would you expect?
  • How would the various actions contemplated by Hugo Schaeffer affect peak day performance?  Suppose the cost of renting cranberry trucks with drivers is $15.00/hour.  What would you recommend?  Why?
  • Case Write-up
  • Directions: prepare a report for Hugo Schaeffer which clearly provides:
  • Your final recommendation (i.e., what should NCC do?)
  • Full supplementary support of your recommendation (i.e., all your process analysis work, economic estimates, etc.)

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