MBA 612 Management American Red Cross Mission Presentation

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Final Presentation: Slideshow Presentation: Deep Dive into Enviable Organizations

Choose an organization with a large amount of publicly available information. What are some of the industries, products, and services that interest you? What are some needs – in a community, a country, or a region of the world – that you care about?

The presentation on the organization of choice should address each of these items:

Part I: Organization Foundation

  • What does it do? What is its mission?
  • What is it trying to achieve, its vision?
  • What are the guiding principles the organization adopted when it was founded?
  • What are its values?
  • What is unique about the organization?

Part II: Organizational Design & Employee Engagement that Drive Success

  • Explain the Organizational Structure. Find an organizational chart that outlines the company. This may not be easy to do. You may have to look at annual reports and search company databases and library research databases.
  • How does the organization engage its employees? Provide an example of how employees behave inside the organization.
  • What systems and processes does the organization utilize to engage employees and motivate for performance?
  • Identify a KPI the organization uses to measure a process.
  • Identify two OKRs the organizations uses to measure advancements. 

Part III: Organizational Culture

  • What slogans and symbols reflect the purpose and mission of your organization?
  • Who are the organization’s heroes, and why are they heroes?
  • What stories are told in the media about the organization or ceremonies does the organization perform on a regular basis?
  • Which of the 7 dimensions of organizational culture is the company strongest in? Describe with supportive evidence.
  • What is important to the organization, and how is that reflected in the cultural elements you see? 

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