MBA 501 UIU Management A Study on Cross Cultural Communication Papers

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A reflective summary is an overview of what you learned over the course of a learning week. You should cover the following information in the reflective summary assignment:

1. A brief description of what you learned from the readings. If you bring up specific ideas from the readings make sure you cite them using APA format (author, year, p. x).

2. A brief description of what you learned from other sources (articles, handouts, classroom discussions, assignments, etc.).

3. A brief description about how this week’s topics were useful to your personal and professional development and how the learning might be useful to you in the future.


Draft a letter to invite people to participate in your study. Research samples on the Web to review the type of verbiage used in these letters. Post your letter in the body of a message in the final paper discussion thread. Also create a survey instrument.  You will not actually be administering this survey as it is not allowed at UIU.You are just creating this survey for a hypothetical study.  

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