Question 1

Statement of the research topic

The mass murder-suicide horrifies and immediate shock of the living. Shocking dimensions of mass murder-suicide quickly dissolves; therefore, the major motive is to explore such acts. The paper aims to present the major six interrelated and symbolic characteristics that reemerged consistently by the New York Times regarding mass media suicides not only the perspective of suicide but also the sense of order creation and as a destructive act of human behavior. The mass media suicide reporting by the New York Times depicts critical perspectives and symbolic strategies that represent the mass murder-suicide in the context of both grotesque and burlesque. The article discusses the rhetorical conception in the context of newspaper political elites in the United States US. The article reflects elite political reviews carefully by following validity and reliability. The mass murderer’s sense of entitlement tends to frame suicide as an effective instrumental behavior of underscore males and their violent muscularity enactment.

Question 2

Locate and analyze a contemporary newspaper article

The objective of the article is to highlight the issue of mass murderers’ appearance in the United States US. The mass murders in such a scenario appear to care more to harm others as they pretend to care for other individuals. The article studies the trend of committing suicide of mass murderers after a police encounter. The article study refers to an in-depth investigation regarding differences among the murders who aim to die and live as their direct offence result. The study attains data of a total of 308 offenders living in the United States US that was reported by BBC News in the year 2020 and the data subjected to logistic regression. The article studies indicate that the individuals who are older and die have more prevalence of co-offenders and have a higher ratio to commit the family killing, and mass killing that corresponds to various suicide theories. Various specific movements in terms of suicide strategies and prevention potentially help to minimize the prevalence of high fatality crime ratio in the United States US. The article study analyzed 909 mass killing accidents that took place from the year 1900 to 1999. Therefore, in mid-1960, the mass murder wave predominately higher and was not unprecedented as the mass killing was a normal activity during the year 1920 to 1930.

Question 3

Cite a contemporary newspaper article

News, B., 2020. Double Death Being Treated as Murder-Suicide. [online] BBC News. Available at: <> [Accessed 24 June 2020].

Question 4

Initial research question 

The mass murders attack in the form of a school shooting that has been emerged common mass murder form in the United States US in previous years. In the United States, the media portrayals in the context of such rampages are shocked causative factor for the public. The mass murderer violence obscures characterization is an essential factor in certain ways. The mass murder crime culminates in the form of suicide is universally attempted by males. In recent years various researches are conducted in the United States that deal the suicide to elucidate the hegemonic culture, and the existence of masculinity in the US develops an aggravated sense of conductive violence entitlement.


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