Marxist Theory, sociology homework help

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Your paper should
present a clear thesis and an argument. Your job is to explain
the material that you are discussing by drawing on various pieces
of Marx’s theories.

Please give me your sociological ideas and essay. Which information might be used from a book, Robert Tucker, ed., The Marx-Engels Reader; thus, I would give you the topic below for the essay. It should be at minimum of 8 pages long with a clear thesis and an argument, without just answering questions I’d post.

If you have to buy the book of ‘The Marx-Engels Reader,’ I would pay that as a tip. Thank you very much for your time.

We’ve 15 hours. I appreciate your business.

From relatively early in his work, Marx pays special
attention to the modern working class, the proletariat.  On the
one hand, the proletariat occupies an important place within the
capitalist mode of production.  On the other hand, Marx believes
that the proletariat is destined to transform the capitalist mode
of production into a more advanced, or higher, mode.  What is it
that Marx believes the proletariat must undertake?  What will be
the results of this action for the class system as a whole?  What
will the higher mode of production look like?

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