MANG 564 LU Management Transformational Leadership Project

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STEP 1: Identify strengths & implications

Identify your primary strengths in an attempt to recognize how over relying on those strengths, which may lead to initial successes, can become fatal flaws. You might note that the focus in the RBSE is on your strengths rather than weaknesses – this is by design with research to support it!

Compile your strengths and their implications in Table 4 (see the Samples tab for a sample Table 4)

STEP 2: Identify enablers & blockers

Identify your enablers (the things that help you to be your best self) and blockers (the things that hinder you from being your best self). Enablers and blockers can be:

Personal: attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that affect your ability to lever¬age your best self

Situational: contextual features (e.g., organizational standards, systems, and practices) that promote or inhibit leveraging your best self

Relational: relationships that either support or undermine your best self

Compile your enablers and blockers into Table 5. Enablers will be one column and blockers will be another (see the Samples tab for a sample Table 5). You should indicate whether each enabler/blocker is personal, situational, or relational.

STEP 3: Explain your strengths, enablers, and blockersWrite a narrative that explains the content Tables 4 and 5 in more detail. 

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