MANG 564 LU Maintaining a Friendly & Respectful Work Environment Paper

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Instructions-Revert to Sample attachment for this assignment, pages 20-23 for table and narrative writeup. 

STEP 1: Develop an action plan

Come up with an action plan that includes actions and key choices you can make in both the short-term (days, weeks) and long-term (months, years).

This endeavor will require you to engage in:

Visioning: this involves reflecting on the choices you’ll have to make in the future. How can you make your best self better? How can you utilize your enablers and lessen your blockers?

Planning: this involves you to think about what you would need to do to bring your reflections and visioning to life. How will you know that you’re making progress to your goals? What resources do you need?

Compile your action plan in Table 6. Your table should include goals about (rows): 1) being your best self, 2) making your best self better, and 3) lessening the impact blockers over various lengths of time (columns): 1) days, 2) weeks, 3) months, 4) years

STEP 2: Explain your action planWrite up your action plan in a narrative that explains your short and long-term goals in more details, including the resources you may need to reach those goals.2 page write-up, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point, Times New Roman (or similar) font

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