MANG 564 LU Dynamics of Team Effectiveness in Space Exploration Essay

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NASA is planning a mission to send a crew of astronauts to Mars. They’ve issued a $1.2M grant ( ) to explore the health and teamwork of astronauts during space exploration missions. Astronaut explorations are not only a good example of the importance of team- and conflict-related issues, but a lot of the leadership topics that we’ve talked about thus far.


STEP 1: Read the attached Salas article

  • The article is written by some of the researchers who are working on the NASA grants. As you read through the article, think about how the concepts the authors talk about relate to the content of the module (teams and conflict), as well as the content from the other modules

STEP 2: Create a discussion post

    • Your post should analyze, evaluate, and synthesize the materials (both the article and the materials thus far in the course). That is, what can we learn about organizations, leadership influence, motivation, goals, etc. based on your reading?
      • Analysis means that you should draw connections among ideas that are presented in the article as well as in class. Analysis does not mean pointing to part of the article and saying X is a good example of power.
      • Evaluate means that you should develop judgments about the value of the materials
      • Synthesize means that you should reorganize elements into a new pattern or structure) the materials – you should include both the article and the content from the modules throughout the course thus far

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