Management Transforming Human Resources at Novartis Paper

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Paper #1 is focused on “Transforming Human Resources at Novartis:  The Human Resources Information System (HRIS)” by Irene Wang & Charles O’Reilly (2004), Stanford Graduate School of Business.  This case is dated but it provides a nice overview of some of the core objectives relative to implementing an HRIS system during the early 2000’s timeframe (these remain relevant today – there is just a higher level of sophistication in HR/technology/delivery options/etc.). After reviewing the case and other assigned course material (textbooks, articles, class discussions, etc.), please address the following questions and incorporate relevant course concepts.

What were some of the strategic business & HR challenges/priorities Novartis faced during this timeframe? What transformation was needed in the HR function to help move these priorities forward?

How would the implementation of a new HRIS system help the HR function better support these objectives? 

What are some major challenges facing the Novartis HR organization in the implementation of the HRIS (technical, organizational, managerial)? 

Why do systems sometimes fail? Given challenges, what are some major obstacles & what will it take to overcome them?

Given a successful implementation, how will the role of HR be different in the future? What competencies will be needed by HR professionals?

Based on articles and textbook reading, how have HRIS platforms changed and how will they continue to change (looking at 2023 and beyond)

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