Management Supervisory Principles in The Workplace Papers

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INFORMATION-  Topic, Outline, Final paper are 3 separate sub-divisions of the same paper. Please do not add the topic and its info, outline, and the entire paper in just a single file. There should be 3 separate files for 3 subdivisions

This is the first of three assignments for the Term Paper.   The general topic for your paper will be about some real-world experience you had on some job where you saw how some principles of supervision were followed well or were violated.  You do not have to be a supervisor in the job.   While you were working, you probably noticed something about your work environment that was really good or really bad.  Our textbook helps to explain why those situations were good or bad and what principles of supervision were involved.  Your task is to identify the principles of supervision that were involved in your work situation and explain what happened.

#1. develop your Term Paper Topic.  Once you do that, write up a paragraph that describes it.  

#2.  write an outline of your Term Paper.  Once you do that, upload it to the dropbox. This link will take you to a wikihow site about writing an outline –

#3. write your Term Paper.

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