Management Superior Leadership Paper

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This is a written report that will serve as the grade for your final exam.

It will consist of a written review of chapters 14 – 27 of Leaders Eat Last.

The report should be three to four pages in length.

Please see attached PDF for more guidance regarding format and expectations.

MGT 3319 Final Project.pdf

In this assignment you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

● Develop an understanding of the concept that an organization’s success or failure is based on leadership excellence and not
management acumen.

● Develop an understanding of the concept that organizations are never managed out of a crisis; they are always led.


Part 1: Paper

Use the rubric below to understand the major components to include. The best way to approach this paper might be to pick an audience you
will deliver the information to and write it to them specifically.

1. Show knowledge of the book concepts and develop those concepts.

2. Why are these concepts important to you as a person and/or future employee or leader in a company?

3. How do these concepts apply management theory and practice (as learned in this class)?

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