Management Perceptions of Managers and Workplace Culture Questions

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What do you think are the top three perceptual distortions that employees are most likely to be affected by when forming perceptions of a new manager? Defend your answer.

Describe what you could do in a difficult work situation to protect yourself from falling prey to fundamental attribution error.

Praise can be a type of positive reinforcement used by managers. List at least three additional positive reinforcements that are used in the workplace. Of the reinforcements you list, which do you find most personally motivating and why?

You join a company where managers regularly reprimand their direct reports in front of others, play favorites, and encourage coworkers to report one another for making small mistakes. Based on Bandura’s social cognitive theory, what sort of company culture is likely to spring from these practices? How would a new employee seek to “get ahead” at such a company and to what extent would efforts to succeed in this culture directly benefit the company’s shareholders?

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