Assignment 1
In a two to three page paper, examine the impact malpractice has on the healthcare field. In your
analysis be sure to include mention of defensive medicine and the costs associated with this practice. Be
sure to include an example of a malpractice case and the outcomes associated with the case.
Be sure to cite your references.
Assignment 2
Age and Healthcare
In a two page paper, discuss the impact an aging society will have on the future of healthcare delivery. Be
sure to address if there will be enough staff, physical resources, etc to meet demand.
Be sure to cite your references.
Assignment 3
Make a Change
For this final assignment, imagine that you had the ability to change anything you wanted with regards
to the current healthcare system in the United States. In a one to two page paper, outline the changes
you would make to increase access, increase quality, and decrease cost. Be sure to utilize references and
data to support your position.
Don’t forget to cite your references.

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