Lynn University Critical Analysis of Guardians of the Galaxy Discussion

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Write a 6-8 page (content, excluding Reference page) research paper on the film GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Do NOT summarize the film. Follow these specifics

1.Write a 6-8 page (plus References page) research paper.

2.This is a critical analysis of one of the films from the listDo NOT include a summary of the film.

3.Introduction includes a specific thesis statement, film title in italics, director, and release year.

4.Body includes examples from film. Refer to the viewer or audience.

5.Include quotes from the film as evidence.

6.Conclusion includes restated thesis, summary, ending, impact, and reflection.

7.You must include at least 6-8 researched sources. You must then incorporate these into the paper and cite the sources correctly in the paper.

8.List the sources correctly using APA format on the References page.

9.Two of the sources must be from the college library database.

10.No first person “I” point of view.

11. Decide on a specific thesis (approved by Professor) and persuade the reader. You MUST also write about one/two techniques of the film.

12. Think about:

a.How are the aliens represented? How do the humans react?

b.Key terms and ideas in class. (focus on camera angles and smaller details)

c.What is the film’s message? Any underlying theme?

d.How does it affect society?

Here are some sources for consideration:…………

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