Literature Review Assignment

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Now it the time to start showing the heavy lifting you are doing for your project. You will submit a 500-word literature review based from the annotated bibliography that identifies the theoretical integration and application of information of your chosen track. Remember, as we have mentioned throughout this course, pay particular attention to proper APA formatting.

My Role

Chief of Police– You have full authority to examine all policies and practices within the agency. As such, you can make policy, dispose of bad policy, and address employment and hiring concerns. You will be responsible to effectively deal with the racial unrest and identify its core. You have the power to hire, fire, demote, and/or promote.

Literature Review: Utilizing your annotated bibliography, create a brief literature review that synthesizes what you have learned from your research. Utilize library resources in addition to… in order to refresh yourself on creating a literature review. Your literature review should be 3-4 pages.


Ospina, S. (2016). Collective Leadership and Context in Public Administration: Bridging Public Leadership Research and Leadership Studies. Public Administration Review, 77(2), 275-287. doi: 10.1111/puar.12706

The journal has been the textbook journal in public administration theory and research for over 75 years and it is the sole journal in public administration serving student interests, practitioners and in academics. It analyzes and identifies stimulate discussions, present trends, provision of factual basis for making decisions.

I will attached the Situation Report. The literature review must be based on the situation report. Use the information from the annotated bibliography I gave you to add in the literature review.

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