Literature (poems)- 5 solid paragraphs needed

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Essay Question

Given the spirit of alienation in most of the authors, we, the readers, should feel uncomfortable when we read their work. Select three authors (GIVEN BEOW) (and one respective literary work per author, that is also given) and point out what made you (or might have made readers of their time period) feel uncomfortable; why this is so, and what the author seemed to be questioning, reconsidering, and/or valuing.

Make sure that this essay has at least five fully developed paragraphs: an introduction that alludes to the question, three body paragraphs (one author per paragraph with an emphasis on the literary text the author used to make his/her readers uncomfortable), and a strong conclusion that ends with power and emphasis — and does not repeat the same language used in the introduction.

Quote for support: ideally, you should have one strong quote from the literary text for each author. This is a short essay, so you should not over quote — limit yourself to three — one per body paragraph/author. Apply MLA citation rules, and review the rules for quoting poetry if you’re using poems and regular texts if you’re referencing short stories.

Do NOT plagiarize. Use your own words, own ideas, and only reference your anthology to quote from the story or poem you will apply as an example used by your author to support how he/she made readers uncomfortable, and for what reason.

The Poems: (you have to incorporate all three like mentioned above)

Edgar Lee Masters


Edward Arlington Robbinson

“The Children of the Night

Amy Lowell


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