literature module 2 Reading Response

literature module 2

  • Reading Response: Close ReadingHaving familiarized yourself with the Argument from Literature assignment guidelines, choose a short story from Part Two of the textbook you would like to write your essay about.

    Document your close reading of the story using the strategies in the textbook (pgs 88-99) to ensure you find the story interesting and engaging. If you find yourself struggling to write about one story, try a different one. You will be writing about this story for the first two papers, so it’s important you choose a story that resonates with you.

    After you have done your close reading, write a brief summary of your experience. Your summary should include 1) the story you chose, 2) the reason you chose that story, 3) the topic from the story you would like to explore, 4) which close reading strategies you found most useful, and 5) any difficulties you encountered or questions that arose. Include the notes from your close reading in your submission.

    Full-Credit Responses:

    • Accurately address all five components listed for the summary
    • Reference specific moments in the texts that shaped your thinking
    • Are composed in complete sentences
  • Argument from FictionAttached Files:

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