literary analysis- Diary Of A Wombat

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hey all i need help completing this assessment piece i have started but i am running out of time and have so many others to do Diary of a wombat Analysis.docx <<< this is the one i started and Picture book analysis (1).docx is the assignment criteria and instruction sheet, the task is breaifly outlined bellow and you can fine load of information and the book and readings of it online, just keep in mind its for an Australian UNiversity and not a US or UK one. 

In a written piece of between 600 and 900
words, use the concepts listed above to write an analysis of your chosen
picture book. These concepts enable you to describe and explain in an
analytical way how and why the picture book is the way it is.

Analysis is the process of identifying
what the components are and explaining their functions.

thank you so much for your time.

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