Law – Criminal Assignment

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Every Student Succeeds Act was passed in 2015, The Act included initiatives “aimed at improving opportunities and outcomes for students. This included “provisions that would require districts to use evidence-based models to support whole-school interventions in the lowest-performing 5 percent of schools and schools where more than a third of high school students do not graduate on time, and includes dedicated funding to support interventions in these schools.”

Identify and 
discuss 3 ways this could have proved challenging with zero-tolerance policies and punitive disciplinary polices contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline.

· Your response to the assignment question must be 350-400 words.

· Your response to the assignment question:

· Is to include fully-developed paragraphs.

· Put only one main idea per paragraph.

· Cite concepts and ideas from the readings.

· You are encouraged to incorporate additional literature to support your post. However, the assigned readings are to take precedence.

· Cite sources in APA format.

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