Question 1



One reason people do not get enough to eat in a country is because:


Question 2



Of the Earth’s current population, approximately how much of the population is chronically malnourished?


Question 3



Which of the following is a true statement?


Question 4



Which is most likely to occur if we continue with current practices in farming and resource usage?


Question 5



Current models of climate change indicate that:


Question 6



The loss of farmland in the developing world is likely a result of which of the following factors?


Question 7



According to your textbook, what factor is most likely to contribute to a global food shortage?


Question 8



With respect to farming trends in the developing world, which of the following is true?


Question 9



The primary function of GATT (General Agreement on Tarrifs and Trades) was to:


Question 10



Which part of the world has seen the most significant decrease in the number of people living in extreme poverty since 1981? Refer to the charts in Figure 2.2 (pg 54 of your textbook).


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