“Knowing the Oriental” by Edward Said, paraphrasing help

Steps to Complete the Assignment:

  1. Read and take notes on “Knowing the Oriental” by Edward Said, reading for an understanding of what Said means by orientalism and why he finds it problematic. (What is orientalism? What is his critique of orientalism?)
  2. Locate Brantlinger’s book in the ebrary (Rule of Darkness: British Literature and Imperialism, 1830-1914). Read chapters 6 and 9 to see how Brantlinger applies orientalism to Heart of Darkness.
  3. Next, discuss
    1. How Conrad reflects the British attitude of orientalism toward Africa in Heart of Darkness.
    2. How Conrad challenges this attitude.
  4. Cite page referenced examples from the primary text (Heart of Darkness) to support your discussion.
  5. Cite the secondary source as needed (Brantlinger).
  6. Use in-text and reference citations in APA style. Plagiarism will not receive payment.

It must be less than 5% similarity because it will be ran through turnin.com and right now it is at 44% similarity. If you do not get it to 5% or under, I will not pay for this assignment. Its about two pages long.


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