JRN 3326 Troy University Digital Communication Project Analysis Discussion

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Digital Communication Analysis Project

Pick a company that has a social media presence (MUST have at least three forms of social media) and write an analysis of the company’s social media presence.

In this order, your analysis must include:


  1. Summary/History of the company
  2. Target Audience (Who is the company’s target audience and how did you find out? You must give examples.)
  3. Digital Presence Audit (What type of social media platforms does this company? How are they utilizing each? Make sure you break down at least THREE social media platforms and how EACH are utilized.)
  4. Recommendations for more effective communication (Be specific for each social media platform – again, you must at least pick three.)

**** You can choose a company that has more than three social media platforms – but for numbers 3 and 4, you only have to discuss in detail three of those platforms. ****

This assignment should be written in paragraph form, but you can label each section. This assignment must be at least 1,000 words.

This assignment will be graded by your completion of demonstrating and answering all of the points listed above, how thorough your answers are, reaching the minimum word count and spelling/grammar errors.

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