Job Posting Analysis Memo

Job Posting Analysis Memo

Hi please help me with a job posting analysis memo. my major is accounting.




The steps below serve as the pre-writing for your Job Posting Analysis Memo. The more time you spend engaging in the steps here, the better prepared you will be for writing your memo. The final product will include the following:


Final Product: Memo

  • Compose a standard memo to the instructor in which you will write a 1 – 1 ½ page memo (single spaced) explaining, in one well-developed paragraph, minimum, for each bullet:
    • What did you learn about general formatting requirements for employment documents in your field, the mission statement/website survey, and what you learned about your potential employer as an audience from your research and email correspondence?
    • What qualities/traits/skills in an employee are common across all the job postings to say what a person applying for a job in this field needs to be able to do generally?
    • What qualities/traits are unique to a specific posting and whether or not that excludes you from applying?
    • What qualities are exemplified in each company’s mission statement? How is that reflected in their job postings?
    • How will you use this information/analysis in the creation of your resume and cover letter?
    • Which job posting you will create a resume and cover letter for? Why?

To write the memo, follow the steps outlined below in order to get all the information you need to write your memo:

  • This assignment is going to involve a little bit of research – start here:
    • WRI 115 Library Guide> Employment Portfolio Tab> Sample Resumes
    • WRI 115 Library Guide > Employment Portfolio Tab > Book Resources (here you will find books with sample resumes for many career fields)
    • Someone you know in the field
    • Google search

Find examples of each, so that you can analyze them and look for patterns. The more work you do here; the better off your job search is going to be later, so take this time to invest in yourself and your future.

  • Once you have examples of the documents, analyze them by looking for:
    • Type of resume (functional or chronological) versus type of position (entry level, mid-level, etc.)
    • Headings the documents have in common
    • Layout (How much white space versus text? How large was the name? The heading? Etc.)
    • Certifications listed
    • Skills listed
    • Types of work experience listed
    • Types of educational experience listed
    • Other common features you think are important (Be specific; for example, a Graphic Arts resume may be more visual than text-based, etc.)

Mission Statement/Website Survey: Locate companies/institutions you would consider applying to upon graduation (and that have current job postings you are qualified for). Find their mission statements (or the ‘About Us’ section) or other items on their websites. What qualities and traits do the company value? Pay attention to the language and word choice to think about what the potential employers’ values are, what its investment in the community is, and what the mission statement tells you about how work in your field is valued.

Job Posting Analysis: Using the job postings for the companies/institutions above,  analyze the job postings to get a feel for the language used in your field:

      • Underlinekeywordsthat describe the position
      • Underlinekeywordsthat describe the type of employee the employer seeks to fill the position
      • Circle any terms, qualifications, etc. that jump out at you
      • Circle any specific documents, specifications, skills that are unique
      • Box the contact information for the job
      • Highlight any other information that you think is important
      • Visit the websites for each corporation. Print their mission statements/goal statements, and compare and contrast thekeywordsyou highlighted in the job posting. Also, underline any newkeywordsfrom the mission statement that you think are important.
      • Job Skills Analysis:
        • List the major skill areas you extract from your job search
        • Under each major skill area, list the skills you need to have do this job

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