JNTU Graduate and Professional Skills Paper

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Please prepare a research paper as per the guidelines and outline also attached below and Professor commented on thesis paper i have attached all materials  and final PPT also needed 

Research Paper Assignment

Research Paper Assignment

This semester, you will be working primarily on practicing basic skills in writing and research to help prepare you for the working world and for the future classes you will have in your academic career. The goal of the research paper is to have a thesis statement that you support with evidence and to use APA format.

           You will have a number of assignments to help you plan and execute your Research Paper throughout the assignment. Your Research Paper is due at the end of the semester. So, stay focused each week with the newest assignment to help you with the Research Paper.

           To practice academic research and writing, you will write a research paper that has an introduction with a thesis statement, at least 3 body paragraphs that support your thesis statement with evidence, and a conclusion that restates the major points of your paper. You will need to use at least 3 sources to support your thesis statement. You can see the specific criteria listed in the table below. Remember that your Research Paper is due at the end of the semester. Make sure that you follow the timeline to complete all the assignments designed to have you practice writing and research skills.

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