Jefferson s Message to Congress 1803, assignment help

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Jefferson’s Message to Congress (1803).

 Jefferson was an undoubtedly insightful, intellectual and passionate person. His mindset was more advanced in certain perspectives. Although he may have valued the advancement of the country, he knew that the farmers were the backbone or economic staple of their time. Inevitably he could be considered the “father of the working man”. In a nation that was blossoming, he made certain decisions that could have been argued from multiple angles.

  Jefferson fought for the small colonial ideal of agriculture, which presumably would make the nation an asset for its exports to other countries. These ideas were very impressive; expanding while still empowering the farmers. His views were that the nation was dependent on expanding into the west, and that improving the commerce was the basis for the countries growth and prosperity.

  Jefferson proposed the ideas of lending credit to the Natives, so they would become indebted and dependent on the government. The probability was the Natives would not be able to finance the repayment of their debts, and would legally forfeit their lands. Jefferson offered the Natives assimilation, or to become farmers and be welcomed into the American society if they gave up their tribal lands. In retrospect. This is a destructive and a downright devious plan regardless of his intent.

  The main arguments of the expedition of Lewis and Clark were the interests of commerce. There was an additional perk of learning more about the land. Granted there were ideas of dealing with the natives ensconced in the overall idea, the main point stood as what he believed would be bettering the nation.


  • Thomas Jefferson wrote this secret message to Congress about the Lewis & Clark expedition in 1803; what does it tell us about Jefferson’s views of westward expansion and Native Americans?
  • What solutions does Jefferson propose to the friction between the fledgling republic and the Indian tribes of the West?
  • What arguments does he use to explain the Lewis & Clark expedition?

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