IT 226 Southern New Hampshire University Audience Persona for 1Latte Prompt Section

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Your audience persona must:

  • Be at least 500 words
  • Be single spaced
  • Be submitted as either a Word document or PDF
  • Completely address all of the requirements in the Prompt section


Since communications must be targeted to a specific audience, before you can create a product brief for a client, you must know more about the client. Your knowledge of the client will inform the decisions you make in the client brief—from the type of language you use to how you present data and graphics. To begin this milestone activity:

  1. Choose one of the software design documents to focus on for both 2-1 Milestone Activity: Audience Persona and Project One: Non-technical Audiences.
  2. Consider all of the different groups of people (audiences) who are likely to use that application.
  3. Choose one audience to focus on for your persona.
  4. Choose a stock picture and name for the persona that will serve as the representation of your chosen audience.
  5. Identify demographics and psychographics associated with this audience.

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