Introduction to sociology. respond to 2 prompt

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  • You can use pictures, graphs, pie charts, etc. in your answers, but not foryour answers.
  • Always support your opinions with scholastic sources.
  • When you use outside material, please use in-text citations and give references at the end of your post in APA format. Otherwise, it is termed as Plagiarism. 
  • Plagiarism is a critical offense according to Galen policies. Your answers should not be simple ‘copy and paste’ from an outside source. In such instances, even though you give references, they will not be considered your answers. The first time I spot plagiarism, you will be given a zero with a warning. The 2nd time will be a write-up. Please be careful about plagiarism.

Chapter 14: Marriage and Family

2-Discuss the social institution of marriage and family using any two of the three theoretical perspectives – functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interactionism. Which view fits your idea of what marriage and family are, and their place in our society? (CSLO 2, USLO 2.7)

Chapter 3 – Culture

3-Identify a current event and utilize one of the sociological theoretical perspectives (E.g., Functionalism, Conflict theory, or Symbolic Interactionism) to explain the possible cultural influences of the event. Use concepts where ever relevant. (CSLO 2, USLO 3.4)


Weekly Discussion Guidelines

Original discussion posts:

· Answer both the questions in one single post rather than respond to each question in different posts.

· You should answer all parts of the questions you chose to answer.

· Number your answers corresponding to the prompt numbers listed above, and split your answers into separate paragraphs.

· Use of concepts and theories wherever relevant is highly recommended for full grade. It will also help you in your exams and while writing your essay.

· Students must first post their answers before they can view or reply to other students’ posts.

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