introduction to business research

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1. Which of the following situations does not require signed consent forms from participants?

A. A study of cereal preferences among children ages 9–12

B. A study comparing the medical histories of participants

C. A study of travel preferences among frequent fliers

D. A study of the effectiveness of prescription arthritis medications

2. When evaluating an information source, the time period and geographic limitations are considered part of the

A. authority.

B. audience.

C. scope.

D. purpose.

3. Which of the following is not included in the statement of the decision problem?

A. Scope

B. Precise meaning of all terms

C. Desired procedures

D. Limitations

4. Which section of a research report contains all the materials necessary to replicate the project?

A. Technical appendix

B. Executive summary

C. Abstract

D. Overview

5. _______ variables are included to prevent, reduce, or control for bias in results.

A. Intervening

B. Interaction

C. Control

D. Moderating

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