Interview 4

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Topic: I am WOMAN

Create an interview questions with brief answers for a woman over the age of 40. Ask questions like:

1. Did you in any way take part in extracurricular activities?

2. Did you mainly associate with boys or girls?

3. What did you learn during time with friends male or female from your middle-school/junior high friends?

4. How did you parents teach you about personal security, teachers and peer at this age (40)

5. Do you think males think about personal safety and security the same way you or other women do?

6. Do you think that differences between women and men are result of biological difference or social factors?

7. Do you think women are equal to men? Does society respect men and women equally?

8. Do you think men and women are represented equally with the same respect in the media?

9. Do you think physical attractiveness is an equally important factor in hiring make and female newscasters, TV actors, magazines models, radio personalities, etc.

10. How has the common images of women affected young women who are still in high school or just out?

Add 5 more questions on (women rights movement and feminism) in addition to the above questions and give brief and straight answers to each of them (15 questions in total).

N/B write a conclusion that summarizes all the information on the above interview.

Length: 3 pages

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