Interpersonal communication (stage 1, and stage 2) – writing

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Skill Improvement or Relationship Improvement Project

This project is your opportunity to synthesize the theories and ideas learned in class with your own communication experiences.  This assignment will be a written documentation of your efforts to improve a communication skill or interpersonal relationship of your choice.  This assignment will take the entire term to complete and will be graded in the following three stages:  First, you will select and describe a communication skill or interpersonal relationship you would like to improve (1-2 pages).  Second, you will identify and implement the various communication practices that facilitate improvement (2-3 pages).  Finally, for optional extra credit, you will analyze the experiences and outcomes that resulted from your efforts (1-2 pages).  Points will be deducted from projects turned in late.


Writing Requirements:

All written assignments should be double spaced with 1-1.5 inch margins and 10 or 12 sized fonts.  Please do not use report covers or binders.  All papers must be proofread, not just spellchecked.  Papers with more than four errors per page will be returned to you for resubmission.  While grading will be based primarily on content, the content must be presented with respect to scholarly writing and organization.  Please save an extra copy of all written assignments.


At the top of your assignments, please list using single spacing, your name, course name, assignment, and date turned in.  Cover pages are not necessary.


Student Name

Comm 125

Skills Project Stage One

January 31, 2017

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