Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Analytical Method

Homework 3: Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Analytical Methods – Presentation (10 pts)

Due: PPT prepared on May 13 submitted in Canvas before class, to be presented during zoom session on this date.

Background: To prepare for learning about industrial hygiene, you will become familiar with the different sampling and analytical techniques used in a consultative and regulatory agency. These are methods provided by OR OSHA. In the past, we have visited the OR OSHA Occupational Health lab, where you would have seen this equipment and meet with the lab manager and industrial hygienist who could explain and demonstrate the use of these techniques. Oregon is one just a few states that has such a lab so we are lucky to have the facility.

InstructionsYou will be responsible for presenting information from a method, provided by OR OSHA, that you drew from a “hat”. Use internet resources to learn more about the agent being sampled, how it is sampled and how it is analyzed. You will prepare a 5-10-minute presentation for the class covering the following items:

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