Individual Perspectives Related to Diversity

SOC 315 Week 2 Discussion Individual Perspectives Related to Diversity

Please ensure your initial post, and your 2 posts to fellow students have the following: a minimum of 175 words, and at a minimum of one academic in-text citation with a corresponding full reference. This means all 3 posts this week require 175 words AND an academic citation.

Due Thursday: Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words and an academic reference.

In the Week 2 readings, we learn that the self is a distinct identity that sets us apart from others. There are a variety of diversity dimensions that make us unique, including race, gender, religion, age, and class. In addition, many of our identities intersect, and depending on the environment or social context, can be variously prominent.

  • Ch. 4 of Sociology in Modules challenges us to think of our personal identity and factors that influence how we are socialized, as well as how we socially engage. How would you describe yourself in terms of three prominent identity characteristics?
  • Share an example of a time when one of your diversity dimensions was more prominent than others. What made that specific diversity dimension stand out?
  • Share a time when one of your diversity dimensions conflicted with another.
  • How do your multiple diversity dimensions show up in the workplace? Are some of your diversity dimensions more prominent than others in the workplace setting?

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