Individual Assignment In Hospitality Major

Dear Study Abroad Gang,

Hope you are all super thrilled to be joining on this learning adventure to Sorrento Italy. There are a few things I need to ask you to complete before we leave. Among the pre-departure tasks is to familiarize yourself with the syllabus for HOSP 2050, which I will be the lead faculty for. My intent is to flip the classroom and do as much of the learning as possible in the field or out at attractions, working in groups.

So this first assignment twofold. Firstly, review the syllabus: what are you most curious about the course topic? What questions might you have that I could further clarify about this class this term? Also provide insights into what I as the professor can do to help you learn and succeed. This first assignment should be no more than one page long and you are expected to upload it to Ulearn. There will be a few smaller one page assignments as well as in-class work which will account for a portion of your final grade.

Secondly, identify a tourism destination included in our study abroad either in Rome or Sorrento. The destination should be a primary tourism product or a key pull factor motivating tourists to visit the specific area. This can include: historic site, building, monument, food stop, places of worship, or anything that may draw visitors. The description should include the applicable: landscape and ecology, and the socio-cultural attributes including history, politics, art, economic activities, monuments, and individual buildings or built environment. If you need to you can use the paper by Benur, & Bramwell, (2015), available through the provided link, for context and details.

We will work with your initial assignment as a basis for future assignment in the summer term. For future possibilities make sure you use a destination that is of interest to you.

Benur, A. M., & Bramwell, B. (2015). Tourism product development and product diversification

in destinations. Tourism Management, 50, 213-224.

I look forward to June,

Magnus Thorsson


I will go to Sorrento Italy in this summer, before I go I just need answer some questions. So please help me to answer. Then I posted the word syllabus. Thank you

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