Incorporating Kohiberg’s Stages of Moral Development into the Justice System

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Imagine you are the chief of police. As the chief of police, you will need to ensure that your law enforcement officers lead ethical careers. In order to prepare for this assignment, review Chapters 7 through 9 in the textbook. Then, research Kohibergs’s stages of moral development and find at least two (2) relevant articles that discuss Kohiberg’s theory. Means vs Ends, and Kantian ethics.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you

Identify and discuss the three (3) levels of Kohiberg’s stages of Moral Development, and explain how you would address each level within your department.

Explain how your officers can use Kohiberg’s Stages of Moral Development to evaluate three (3) types of criminals who are at different stages of moral development.

Illustrate two to three (2-3) ways in which you would address self-interest and pursuit of pleasure to prevent police corruption.

Identify and discuss at least three (3) Prima Face Duties that you believe all of your law enforcement officers should fulfill.

Support your position statement with two (2) relevant and credible references, documented according to the latest edition APA (Note: Do not use open source sites such as,,, and Wikipedia)

Must follow these formatting requirements

Be typed, double space, using Times Roman font size (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides,citations and references must follow APA(latest edition) Include a cover page developed in accordance with the latest edition of APA, including a running head, page number, the title of assignment, the student’s name, the proffessor’s name, the course title, and the date

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