In this assignment you will design and write an product package label.

In this assignment you will design and write an product package label. The product choice is up to you. However, it must be unique and distinctive. There are multiple parts to this assignment. Once you have decided on the product, answer the questions below. This will give you some background on your user and what information is needed. Go into your kitchen and bathroom and read the labels in your house. What type of information is included on a cleaning product, on a bodywash or shaving cream and so on? This will be your research.

Submit parts A, B, C below on one MS Word file.

A. These questions come from Chapter 6 of Lachnicht’s book. write an paragraph response to each question. You will have started this in the Week 5 forum and can build on the work completed last week.

1. Identify your product. What type of product is it? Who typically uses it?

2. What do consumers want to know before making a purchase decision?

3. What do consumers need to know about the product?

4. Is there a risk related to failing to read or misreading the label?

5. Is there room for graphics depicting proper use and/or misuse?

6. For the space available, what is an adequate type size for the label’s text?

7. What contrasting colors will be used for text and the its background?

8. Where should the label be located on the package?

B. Design and write the product package label. Incorporate design elements, consider consumer needs and wants. Use graphics and other design elements as needed.

C. Discuss each of the the design elements used and explain why you used them. For example, if you used a graphic, explain why you used the graphic, its function, its intended effect on the user/customer. Or, if you used a color (red, for example), explain why you used the color, its function and its effect on the user. write an 3-4 sentence explanation for each design elements used in the product package label.

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