Imperial Valley College Mastering Time Self Management Paper

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Acting on Purpose

In this activity, you will assess the degree to which you are acting on purpose. As you spend more time in Quadrant 1 and 2, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the results you are creating.

1- Write a list of 15 or more specific actions you have taken in the past seven days.

2- Draw a four-quadrant chart like the examples in the power point for Stephen Covey’s Quadrant Chart.

3- Write each action from your list in the appropriate quadrant on your chart. After each action, put the approximate amount of time you spent in the activity.

4- Write about what you have learned or relearned concerning your use of time. And as a result, what will you do that you have not been doing?

Make sure you address these questions in your journal:

  • In which quadrant do you spend the most time?
  • What specific evidence dd you use to draw this conclusion?
  • If you continue using your time in this way, are you likely to reach your goals and dreams? Why or why not?
  • What most often keeps you from taking purposeful actions?
  • What different choices do you intend to make about hoe you use time?
  • 1 Min 15 actions are listed
  • Actions are categorized in Covey’s Quadrant Chart
    A table is drawn and actions are listed in appropriate sections of the table.
  • Conclusion is made answering the 5 questions asked
  • Journal Format
    New Times Roman, Arial or Calibri font style
    Use 12 point font, 1 inch margin, double spaced
    No limit of length as long as you are providing a meaningful response with a minimum of a paragraph in length. Quality work over quantity or length.
    Use proper sentences

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